California college will display 'Inclusive Pride Flag' year-round

Allan Hancock College held a flag-raising and gave out pronoun pins to 'visibly welcome and support the LGBTQ+ community.'

A school administrator said that pride banners will be hung bi-annually to welcome LGBTQ+ students.

Allan Hancock College in California recently held a flag-raising event to kickoff LGBTQ+ “Pride Month.” 

On the school events page, the club comments on the event stating that “this pride flag-raising event is a way to visibly welcome and support the LGBTQ+ community, honoring their history and intentionally acknowledge the work that still needs to be done,” said Pride Alliance Club Co-Advisors LeeAnne McNulty, Ed.D., Maggie Morten, Frankie Maldonado, and Henry Schroff. 

The event’s main focus included the raising of an LGBTQ flag and the passing out of free “pronoun pins” which students could grab that listed different pronouns to identify by such as “he/him”, “she/her”, and “they/them.”

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Campus Reform spoke to Leanne McNulty, the Director of Institutional Grants about the details of the event and the LGBTQ involvement on campus. 

“There was an excellent turn-out of students, staff, high school GSA students and advisors, community members, and family,” Mrs. McNulty stated. “There were about 40 - 50 attendees.”

She explained that an “Inclusive Pride Flag” will be hung year-round in the student center, and that there are four flag banners hung on the light posts outside the student center. 

“They will be hung every June and October to welcome the LGBTQ+ students on campus biannually,” she stated. 

She continued by stating that the entire staff at the college has been “overwhelmingly supportive” of the Pride Alliance as they “address systemic issues and bring a loud and clear message of support and allyship throughout campus.” 

“The administration for the college supports, acknowledges, and takes actions on behalf of all students and supports all actions that create a sense on belonging, safety, and college success,” she said. 

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The event was hosted by Hancock’s Pride Alliance Club, which serves “as an open forum for students of all sexual orientations to meet and discuss issues related to sexual orientation and gender identities” and also “function[s] as a support group for those students who identify as, are questioning, or are struggling with their identity as a member of the LGBTQIA2S+ community” according to their club bio

The Pride Alliance also states that it works to “end homophobia and transphobia as well as contribute to building a sense of community on campus and lessen the isolation that LGBTQIA2S+ students might otherwise experience.” 

Allan Hancock College offers an Associate’s Degree in “LGBTQ+ Studies” through its Social Justice Studies program.

Campus Reform reached out to all parties listed and will update accordingly.