California public university seeks to ban ‘shots’ and regulate length of parties

Proposed policy would regulate length of parties to under four hours.

Students wouldn't be allowed to bring more than one six-pack of beer or one bottle of wine to a party.

Cal Poly placed all Greek organizations on social probation Friday.

California Polytechnic State University may ban students from taking shots or playing drinking games at registered sororities and fraternities.

If the new policy guidelines are implemented, all parties would have to end by midnight and could not last more than four hours. The rules would also ban students from bringing more than a six pack of beer or a bottle of wine.

Kegs and liquor would be banned, and fraternities would not be allowed to throw more than one party a week.

The school's alcohol policies have been undergoing changes for the past several months, according to an article in The Tribune, a local news source.

Fraternities and sororities landed on probation Friday for failing to come to an agreement on the new policies, according to the Mustang Daily, the college’s official newspaper.

The new alcohol policies are not the only recent controversy involving Greek life. Cal Poly recently cleared one fraternity of wrongdoing when it hosted a “Colonial Bros and Nava-Ho’s” party.

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