California university hosts transgender 'camp' retreat for students to 'explore' their gender

The University of California, Riverside 'Trans Guide' includes information on 'Gender-Affirming Care' and 'Gender-Inclusive' housing and restroom options.

Students can also attend a trans retreat, 'T-camp,' to 'explore gender identity and expression.'

The University of California, Riverside (UCR) has released a “Trans Guide“ on campus to help educate students about transgender issues such as using “Lived/Preferred Names,” medical referrals for hormone replacement therapy, and “Gender-Inclusive” housing and restrooms.

Inside the Trans Guide, students are given a resource called the “Gender Recognition and Lived Name” policy that helps them identify by their “accurate gender identity and lived or preferred name on university-issued documents.” 

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UCR students are also provided a medical referral list of therapists who can provide “gender-affirming health care” and a “letter of support” if needed for those who wish to see an endocrinologist. 

The UCR Student Health Services is also a source for students to find in-network endocrinologists as part of their “trans-inclusive” health insurance plans. 

Some of the “gender affirming benefits” offered by the university’s student health care option include “Gender affirming surgery (or reassignment), also known as bottom surgery,” “Top surgery for female to male (FTM) and male to female (MTF),” and “Fertility preservation.”

Additionally, students can receive medical referrals for “counseling and psychology services” with clinicals who may provide letters for accessing “trans-related” health care as part of the UCR insurance plan. 

UCR also has a referral list for surgeries and a checklist for students to undergo in order to receive medical approval for “gender-affirming care” from the college’s insurance provider. 

In recent years, UCR has implemented additional signage for all new construction and buildings on campus in order to ensure gender-inclusive restrooms. Students are also given a map for where to find gender-inclusive restrooms across campus. 

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The Trans Guide also features information about the UCR transgender retreat, also known as “T-camp,” where participants can learn about gender-inclusive restrooms, gender-affirming care, and more. 

The retreat is described as an opportunity “to explore gender identity and expression and to engage in dialogue with our peers.” “This event is specifically for students who are transgender, nonbinary, or gender questioning,” according to the website

This year, T-camp cost $165 per student and was held on April 7-9 at Pilgrim Pines Camp

The website also encourages people to apply if “you wish to explore your own gender identity/expression and engage in dialogue with others” and if “you wish to gain knowledge regarding trans issues, self-care and wellness, and accessing resources and support.” 

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