California university pays faculty to attend CRT training sessions

Faculty at CSU East Bay will get $1,200 to complete a five-day Critical Race Theory training workshop.

The university is encouraging faculty to apply CRT to syllabi and student interactions.

Faculty at California State University at East Bay will receive $1,200 stipends to participate in a Critical Race Theory workshop this month.

The university is paying faculty to complete five sessions between July 19-23. These sessions have race-focused themes and are intended to help faculty apply the CRT framework to their student and classroom interactions.

The themes are “Deepening our understanding of Critical Race Theory and Critical Pedagogies,” “Interrupting racism in the University,” “Becoming an anti-racist educator in your classroom,” “Designing an anti-racist course that is values-directed, sociohistorically-grounded, and higher purpose-driven,” and “Developing an equity-minded lens to critically self-reflect on your teaching/courses.” 

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Biological sciences professor Pascale Guiton, one of the workshop’s faculty participants, tweeted out a list of materials that will be used on Day 4.

The materials include “Designing an Anti-Racist Syllabus,” which was written by multiple individuals at the university including the CSUEB Alliance for the Black Community Education.

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Furthermore, Dr. Guitton posted the subsequent tweets:

Campus Reform reached out to Guiton for this article and received the reply “NO comment.”

Coordinating committee members G. Reyes, Kim Geron, Michael Lee, the university, and the student government did not respond for comment by the time of publication.