Campus Profile: Fordham University

Fordham University is a private university in New York. Around 9,900 undergraduate students are enrolled at the university.

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Fordham University is a private Jesuit university in New York. Around 9,900 undergraduate students are enrolled at the university.

Official Political Student Organizations: 

Conservative Organizations: 

  • College Republicans

  • Respect for Life

Liberal Organizations:

  • ASILI- the Black Student Alliance at Fordham

  • College Democrats

  • PRIDE Alliance

  • Students for Environmental Awareness and Justice

  • Students for Fair Trade

FEC Data on Fordham University Political Donations:

According to Campus Reform’s analysis of Federal Election Commission (FEC) data, Fordham University employee political donations contributed 93.23% to Democratic candidates, while 0.07% went to Republican candidates during the 2020 cycle.

Data includes both Rose Hill and Lincoln Center campuses.

Foundation for Individual Rights in Education Rating:

Fordham University has been given a red light speech code. According to FIRE, this is due to “at least one university policy clearly and substantially restricting freedom of speech.” FIRE also notes that a red light policy at a public institution is unconstitutional. 


Fordham University is requiring a COVID-19 vaccine mandate for students and employees.

Campus Reform stories about Fordham University:

Theology prof writes book connecting Christianity to racism

Referencing a 15th Century doctrine asserting that Christians have the right to claim land inhabited by non-Christians, Jeannine Hill Fletcher argues that “these ideas can create conditions [that] have real-life effects.”

Fordham University recently highlighted a theology professor’s new book claiming that “white Christians” are responsible “for racist policies and structural discrimination in America.”

Catholics should be more intersectional, Fordham professor claims

A Fordham professor recently addressed the Pax Christi USA conference and used his speech to discuss ‘White supremacy’ and intersectionality ‘in both theory and practice.’

The professor has authored multiple publications on racial justice as it pertains to the field of religion.

Fordham University bars students from drinking water… for health reasons

Prior to the Spring 2022 semester, Fordham University updated its return to campus protocols as a response to the Omicron variant.

“Eating and drinking is prohibited in all classrooms and instructional spaces.”