Cancel Culture comes for George Mason University professor

The students requested that the entire event be cancelled should the professor not be uninvited.

A group of students at Duke University released an open plea insisting that a professor with whom they disagreed be disinvited from a law school event. 

In the plea sent to law school Dean Kerry Abrams, students requested that GMU Antonin Scalia Law School Professor Helen Alvare be disinvited from speaking at an event, hosted by the Duke Law Federalist Society, which would focus on the “state’s role in advocating for children in the familial structure.”

The students justified the request by asserting that Alvare held “unapologetic anti-LGBTQ+ views,” citing the fact that she signed a letter of support for the Religious Freedom Act in Arizona. She has also stated previously that “marriage is not in the cards” for gay people, questioning the overall morality of same-sex marriage.

The LGBTQ+ community at Duke is adamant that having a speaker who espouses such views come to campus would be “dangerous” for them. Several Duke Outlaw members recently approached the Federalist Society to ask the group to cancel the entire event and acknowledge the harm of Alvare’s views. 

The Federalist Society rejected such requests.

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As a result, Alvare’s critics penned a letter to Abrams asking her to step in. 

“We are writing you today, Dean Abrams, because we are tired,” the plea reads. “We are tired of LGBTQ+ people being considered inferior. We are tired of LGBTQ+ people being considered incompetent. We are tired of LGBTQ+ people being considered dangerous. We are tired. But we are not tired enough to stop having our voices heard.”

“Second, Duke has pledged itself to be a campus of diversity, equality and tolerance, and such an event undermines those professed values. Those values have been proudly displayed on Duke Law’s Diversity and Inclusion website,” the plea continues.

“The hosting of Professor Alvare is an explicit rejection of that promise. It is clear from her record that she does not value the diversity brought by the LGBTQ+ community,” the letter adds.

Alvare declined to comment, explaining that she had, “exchanged private correspondence with the school” and was officially “done with the event.”

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