Capitalism vs. socialism: Ohio Dem debate attendees react (VIDEO)

Campus Reform spoke with Democrats outside of the CNN Democrat debate in Westerville, Ohio.

Voters in the key swing state refused to embrace Sanders/Warren style socialism.

Campus Reform Digital Reporter Eduardo Neret spoke Tuesday with demonstrators and attendees at Otterbein University in Ohio ahead of the CNN/New York Times Democrat presidential debate, asking them about the current divide in the Democrat Party when it comes to capitalism versus socialism. 

After Sen. Bernie Sanders attacked Elizabeth Warren for being a capitalist over the weekend, Neret asked voters in the key swing state of Ohio where they stand on the split between the two economic systems. 

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“No country that’s embraced socialism has ever been successful,” one individual wearing a Tulsi Gabbard T-shirt said. 

“I don’t embrace socialism,” another person in a Biden shirt stated. “I live in a capitalist society. The United States is based on capitalist ideals and I think it’s brought us to this point in time to be in such a great nation.”

“The modern world, like with Venezuela, has been a huge failure with socialism,” yet another person told Campus Reform

Many Democrats said that they do not agree with Sanders and Warren’s socialist vision for the party. 

Others added that the rise of socialism in the party concerns them. 

“If it were to be a wholesale adoption of socialism, that would be problematic,” one person responded. 

Hear what others had to say by watching the video above. 

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