Celebrate 'Plus Size Appreciation Day' at same school that punishes students for misusing pronouns

The Point Park University student government hosted a 'positivity' event for Plus Size Appreciation day, but made no effort to celebrate Columbus Day.

One student told Campus Reform that 'if the left doesn't believe in Columbus Day, Point Park won't support it.'

Point Park University’s (PPU) student government chose not to celebrate Columbus Day yesterday, but did opt to recognize Plus Size Appreciation Day.

American universities and students celebrated Plus Size Appreciation Day on October 6. PPU, the Pittsburgh-area school that has gained national notoriety over the last month for their blatant liberal abuse, was among those institutions included. 

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The university’s Student Government Association hosted an event where students could decorate mirrors with body-positive messages, even promoting the activity on its Instagram account.

Kean University, located in New Jersey, similarly took to social media to commemorate plus-size figures. 

Noting the Plus Size Appreciation Day’s proximity to the most recent federal holiday, Tyler Hillard, a sophomore at PPU. told Campus Reform that he is not surprised the university did not celebrate Columbus Day.  

“Point Park refuses to celebrate Columbus Day because the left doesn’t believe in it,” Hillard said. “The university continually aligns with leftist ideals, so if the left doesn’t believe in Columbus Day, Point Park won’t support it.” 

“No breaks. No cancelled classes. No statement. Nothing,” he added.

Hillard also said that PPU does not host an equal amount of right-wing and left-wing events.

“To my knowledge, Point Park has never hosted a conservative event,” the sophmore stated. “Conservative students are not equally represented, and our own SGA president tweeted that he wants Point Park to be a hellscape for conservatives.” 

On September 23, the SGA president, Dennis McDermott, tweeted “Point Park should strive to be the hellscape conservatives believe it is.”

Last month, the PPU Office of Equity and Inclusion notified students of a new “Misgendering, Pronoun Misuse, and Deadnaming Policy.” The policy allows for action to be taken against students who do not use their classmates’ preferred pronouns.  

When one conservative student, Logan Dubil, criticized the policy on national media, Point Park students created a petition to remove Dubil from the university entirely.

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”We need to remove Logan Dubil from campus as well as others like him who refuse to respect other people pronouns,” says the petition.

Neither Point Park University or its Student Government responded to Campus Reform’s requests for comment.