Clemson adds 'justice studies' program for the fall

Clemson University is creating a "justice studies" program to explore criminal and social justice.

According to the Clemson Newsstand, the university has been working to add this program since 2011 and there are already thirty students enrolled for the fall of 2016. Faculty and staff working to start the program have said they hope students will explore ethics and diversity in the world of criminal justice.

The program for either the B.A. or the B.S. requires 38-39 credits in criminal and social justice, with course options such as "The Sociology of Policing," which aims to "explore police subculture" and examine "the role of police in a liberal democracy."

A South Carolina state report say that, "recent events have underscored the critical need for law enforcement officials who can think critically and who are aware of the social dynamics that often produce crime as well as the dynamics that influence interactions between law enforcement and members of the public," and that this program will prepare individuals for such careers while promoting understanding of issues in diversity.

Professor Marjie Britz, a leading force behind the program, said it will, "more fully immerse students in the world of criminal justice, but it is also designed to address the increasingly complicated ethical and social issues facing law enforcement and criminal justice organizations today."

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