College Democrat leader compares Israel to Nazi Germany, Netanyahu to Genghis Khan

Leaders from the College Democrats of America got into a public spat over the last few days over Israeli military action in the Gaza Strip.

Giovanni Hashimoto, currently a Social Media Coordinator for College Democrats of America (CDA), posted a defense of Israel’s Operation Protective Edge on his publicly viewable Facebook wall on July 31, sparking backlash from several of his fellow Democrat officials.

“FACT: There is no equivalency between a peace-loving nation carrying out strikes -- under the parameters of international law -- to defend its civilians and a terror group firing rockets targeting those civilians,” Hashimoto wrote.

Chris Woodside, Communications Director for the DC Federation of College Democrats, responded angrily.

“Dear Benjamin Netanyahu, go FUCK yourself,” Woodside replied. “Ever since Bush left office here int [sic] he US, Netanyahu is now the most dangerous and evil head of state in the WORLD. He is a war criminal. What aggravates me most is that you cant [sic] both understand this conflict fully and be pro-Israel if you are a good person.”

During their debate, Woodside castigated Hashimoto, telling him that his “moral compass is seriously fucking disturbed if you are going to post a picture that Israel is FORCED to make these kids collateral damage [...] It is literally not a rationale [sic] position to say that Hamas forces Israel to kill civilians, because the Israel [sic] civilians killed are almost non existant [sic] compared to the Palestinians killed.”

Evan Goldstein, a fellow Social Media Coordinator for the CDA, chimed in to tell Hashimoto “[h]onestly, go fuck yourself.”

Woodside told Hashimoto that he respected him “as a friend,” but warned “you [are] mak[ing] yourself look like a fucking idiot to call Israel peace loving. Netanyahu is the biggest war hawk since Genghis Khan.”

Woodside also accused the Israeli Prime Minister of leading a genocide comparable to the Holocaust.

“Benjamin Netanyahu is leading one of the greatest genocides in history against the Palestinian people, and yes, that means im [sic] not afraid to compare it to the Holocaust.”

As of this writing, Hashimoto's Facebook posting has 70 comments.

UPDATE: CDA released a statement confirming that "Evan Goldstein has resigned from his position as a member of the CDA communications team."

Via Truth Revolt.

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