College hosts, pays for three-day ‘social justice summit’

California State University-San Marcos is hosting a three-day, two-night social justice extravaganza where students will learn to “recognize their personal connection with systems of power and privilege.”

The all-inclusive event, formally known as the “Social Justice Summit,” will feature a weekend of “experiential activities, individual reflections, and group dialogues” where participants will come to learn the “distinct difference between equality and equity.”

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“In the spirit of community, the Social Justice Summit will set the foundation for individuals to explore diversity, become aware of the existence and impact of oppression, and initiate sustainable change, both in self and society,” a description of the event states, noting that participants will “engage in work that creates a paradigm shift in thought and action to attain an equitable society free of oppression.”

While student participants will be required to put down a “non-refundable $5 deposit,” all other costs, including “room, food, transportation, and all materials provided during the summit,” will be on the house.

The Social Justice Summit, founded in 2009, claims to train students “in a social justice framework for campus leadership, community engagement, and change activism” with the goal of increasing their “awareness of personal identity within the context of multiple types of cultures” while forming “relationships and support networks with other individuals committed to social justice.”

To help student participants prepare for the three-day event, the school has provided them with a list of possible resources to look over before attending, including a six step guide on “speaking up against everyday bigotry” and another set of readings on “white privilege.”

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Cornel West, a well-known commentator and a prominent member of the Democratic Socialist party, will be kicking off the event with a talk on the subject.

Campus Reform reached out to the school for comment but did not receive a response in time for publication.

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