College offers 'Talking Dirty' dual-credit course on sex

Course topics include foreplay, genital cutting, abortion, BDSM, porn, prostitution, and the morality of abortion, among others.

Students at McHenry County College in Illinois can enroll in the ‘twofer’ course ‘Talking Dirty’, where they can 'complete two classes in one time slot' while simultaneously learning 'all about sex.'

Students at McHenry County College in Illinois can enroll in the ‘twofer’ course ‘Talking Dirty’, where they can “complete two classes in one time slot” while simultaneously learning “all about sex”.

Professors Christine Grela and Tim Seitz jointly teach the ‘twofer’ class, merging the disciplines of human sexuality and ethics to create its curriculum and provide students with the opportunity to earn double the college credit. 

The course begins the semester discussing ‘foreplay’ and later addresses topics such as genital cutting, abortion, BDSM, porn, prostitution, and more, according to the syllabus calendar.

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“Yes, this class is all about sex—“what’s not to like?,” the course flier, which displays a provocative photo of a half-naked couple kissing, reads. “Join in this fascinating study of ethics as it relates to the many forms and facets of human sexuality.” 

“This class is not a class to pick up chicks,” the syllabus reads, warning prospective students of both serious and sensitive curricula. Instead, the course plans to address questions including, “Should prostitution be a crime?”, and “What is the moral status of a fetus?” 

The course plans to help students “better understand their own sexual needs and behaviors,” and teach them how to ‘accept’ and ‘appreciate’ various perspectives of sex in relation to gender, age, sexual orientation, religion, and race.

David Etling, student and president of the college’s TPUSA chapter, photographed a slideshow presentation through a classroom window from last year’s ‘Talking Dirty’ course, which read ‘Why Men Rape?’

The question presented was “disturbing” and “really rubbed me the wrong way,” Etling told Campus Reform. He said that he believes the professors used the prompt to “fit their narrative” by demonizing men in society.

Etling said that Mchenry County College offers dual credit to students at local high schools, making it likely that there were students under age 18 in the classroom at the time of the presentation. “I saw three under 18-year-olds that were in my homeschool group” in the classroom at that time, Etling alleged. 

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The course calendar includes additional teachings on topics like virginity, gender theory, paraphilias, and ‘damaged goods’ to be expected over the semester-long course.

Students can even earn extra credit in their ‘Talking Dirty’ course by undergoing STD testing and providing their professor with evidence of doing so. The professors provide students with addresses to free or low-cost clinics which they recommend over visiting the student’s primary physician for testing.

Campus Reform has contacted all relevant parties for comment. This article will be updated accordingly.