College says to 'avoid kissing' during sex to help stop COVID-19

St. Olaf College Wellness Center posted a flyer on campus urging students to “avoid kissing” during sex in order to reduce transmission of COVID-19.

Campus Reform obtained a photo of the Minnesota college’s flyer.

The St. Olaf College Wellness Center posted a flyer on campus urging students to “avoid kissing” during sex in order to reduce the transmission of COVID-19. 

Campus Reform obtained a photo of the flyer, which was posted on the Minnesota campus.

The first way the Wellness Center says transmission of COVID-19 can be lowered is to “avoid kissing during partnered sex.”  The St. Olaf College Wellness Center made an announcement on Instagram that the poster would be “coming to a stall near you today!”

The student who took the photo of the flyer asked to remain anonymous but spoke to Campus Reform about this new guideline.   

”The recommendation to avoid kissing was particularly hilarious - as if either no one in the Wellness Center had either seen a movie with a sex scene or been in a romantic encounter themselves, or they’re putting out guidelines they know no one will follow. Either way I think it’s kinda sad that sexually active students are being encouraged to reduce sex to a physical transaction and strip all the real meaning from it - it’s kinda dehumanizing, in my view,” the student said.

The Wellness Center’s flyer outlines several additional guidelines students should heed during sexual activity including to “wear a mask,” “reduce your number of sexual partners” and “use barrier protection like internal/external condoms, as well as dental dams.” 

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The flyer also gives tips for “sex hygiene” such by encouraging students to “shower before and after sexual activity,” disinfect “surfaces where you have sex” and “keep up with [their] mental sex hygiene.” 

Advice on “communicating about sex with roommates and partners” was printed on the poster as well. 

“Are you and your partner consistently complying with all preventative safety guidelines, including social distancing,” one question reads. 

“If you need private time to the room, communicate with your roommate when you will need it and how much time you need the room for,” the poster advises.

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The student who took the photo of the flyer shared their view on these guidelines from the St. Olaf Wellness Center with Campus Reform.

“I even think the Wellness Center (the largely student-staffed organization on campus responsible for the poster) is genuinely trying to help the student body, if in their own way - some of the guidelines (regularly washing the implements/toys one might use, for instance) make sense, even if they’re a bit obvious,” he said. 

“It’s bad that some of these things apparently have to be spelled out through - the students here are all supposed to be free-thinking, well-informed adults, after all,” the student continued. 

St. Olaf College and its Wellness Center did not respond to Campus Reform’s request for comment.

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