College segregates participants to learn about white supremacy

Ithaca College’s 'Antiracism Institute' segregates participants into 'racial affinity groups' to learn about white supremacy.

The curriculum is broken up into two semesters.

Ithaca College’s “Antiracism Institute” invites participants “to dismantle racist systems and white supremacy culture embedded in policy, pedagogy, and person” at the New York campus.

Participants will be segregated into “racial affinity groups,” which divide white faculty and faculty who “identify as people of color.” The two groups meet at separate times on different days of the week.

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The curriculum is broken up into two semesters. The first semester focuses on “building equity literacy abilities,” and will help participants “recogn[ize] systemic racism and features of white supremacy.” Participants will then learn to respond in their local context.

The second semester focuses on “cultivating and sustaining communities.”  

The Institute cited the college’s “predominantly white” population as its reason for “unpacking the impact of centering whiteness and working to decenter these practices.” It is a part of the “Ithaca Forever strategic plan.”

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To apply, applicants must detail how the Institute “will contribute to [their] personal and professional development.”

Ithaca College lists diversity, equity, and inclusion as a primary goal of the university, and claims that it strives to be “a national model for colleges committed to the values of diversity, equity, inclusion, and belonging.”

Campus Reform contacted Ithaca College for comment and will update this article accordingly.