College students turn to THERAPY DONKEYS to help them de-stress

Therapy animals during finals week is not new, as Campus Reform has reported on them previously.

The State University of New York-Plattsburgh had therapy donkeys to help students de-stress ahead of finals.

The State University of New York-Plattsburgh offered students the chance to de-stress with therapy donkeys, just ahead of finals. 

”Today until 3 there will be a Wellness Fair at Macomb Hall! Behind the building you can find therapy donkeys,” the school’s admissions office said in a May 1 tweet, which was accompanied by photos of students petting and interacting with the animals.

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”Destress with donkeys day! We had donkeys on campus today to help have some fun right before finals!” another tweet from the event read.

According to WCAX-TV, the New York nonprofit organization Thera Pets provided the donkeys. 

”These animals work miracles,” said Ken Besaw, a representative of the group. “They do truly miracle work because they can make you feel better if you feel bad.”

It’s not the first time a college has brought in furry animals to help students de-stress ahead of or during finals. 

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In 2017, the University of South Florida, Radford University, and the University of California-Berkeley brought in therapy llamas for finals. 

In 2018, a host of colleges offered various ways for students to de-stress during finals. The University of Massachusetts, Lowell, for example, offered free massage chairs, as Campus Reform previously reported

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