College suspends professor after he distributes anti-woke chocolate bars

David Richardson remains barred from campus as the school investigates him for 'creating a hostile work environment.'

Richardson was previously reprimanded by the college for mocking preferred pronouns and was forced to write an essay on how he can make the community 'less transphobic.'

A professor at Madera Community College was placed on leave for passing out Jeremy’s Chocolate from the conservative media company, The Daily Wire, during an open house event on April 29.

David Richardson, who has served as a history professor at the Central California school for 26 years, told Campus Reform he received a letter from the college notifying him that he would be suspended while under investigation for “creating a hostile work environment.” The school also confiscated his keys and laptop, shut off his email, and barred him from campus.

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Richardson said he always stocks his open house table with snacks, and decided to pass out Jeremy’s Chocolate this year in response to the stifling environment he feels many conservatives face on campus, noting that “anything that is contrary to DEI [Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion] is condemned and considered dangerous and needs to be shut down.”

Jeremy’s Chocolate, created by Daily Wire co-founder, Jeremy Boreing, was launched in response to a transgender woman serving as the spokesperson for Hershey’s Canada International Women’s Day campaign. 

This is not the first disciplinary action Richardson has faced while at the school. In October 2021, Richardson listed his pronouns as “Do-Re-Mi” in a Zoom call when prompted by faculty. After an email exchange about the matter with a transgender faculty member, he was reported and found guilty of “misgendering in a mocking way.”

As a result, Richardson was given a letter of reprimand, forced to undergo DEI training, and required to write an essay on “how he can make his community, college, and home less transphobic.”

In both instances, Richardson indicated he received no help or representation from his union, stating that although a union representative was present, it was “strictly as an observer.”

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Campus Reform previously interviewed Matthew Garrett, a professor at Bakersfield College and friend of David Richardson, who faced a similar situation at his institution when he was fired on April 13 for questioning the use of school funds for social justice-related causes.

Garrett told Campus Reform that he was appealing the termination and that “my heart goes out to Professor Richardson because I know how dirty administrations can play.”

Campus Reform has contacted Madera Community College, who has since declined to comment on Richardson. Campus Reform has also reached out to Bakersfield Community College for comment. This article will be updated accordingly. 

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