Columbia prof says those bothered by mentally ill public transit passengers are 'racist'

Racists hold the view that 'the bum on the train was threatening and scary,' according to the professor.

In a series of tweets, Columbia University professor Anthony Zenkus said those bothered by mentally ill subway passengers are “racists.”

Racists hold the view that “the bum on the train was threatening and scary,” according to the professor. 

But he argues that socialists see mentally ill subway passengers and think to themselves that “nobody should be homeless in the richest country in the world and all medical care, including mental health treatment, should be free.”

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The tweet came in response to the death of Jordan Neely, a man with an extensive criminal record and apparent mental health issues who was restrained in a chokehold by Daneil Penny, a college student and former U.S. Marine, on the subway after Neely allegedly threatened subway goers. 

Last moments of the incident were posted to Twitter:

In another tweet, Zenkus took aim at New York City Mayor Eric Adams, accusing him of defending Neely’s killer and saying, “There’s a reason that Adams was the Democratic establishment’s pick on the heels of the George Floyd protests. He knows what his job is,” alluding that Penny’s action were taken due to racial bias against Neely, who is black. 

Zenkus also voiced his displeasure with the bystanders of the incident, saying, “If that 24 year old white racist piece of shit was strangling a dog on that train, the people in that car would have pulled him off and then kicked the living shit out of him. Arrest every damned one of them.”

Zenkus is “an activist on issues of racial justice, income inequality, and climate justice,” and “was trained by Vice President Al Gore as a presenter in his Climate Reality Project, and has been an organizer with Occupy Wall Street, the fight for a $15 minimum wage, and an ally in the Movement for Black Lives,” according to his biography on the Columbia webpage.

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His Twitter bio also notes that he was the executive producer of “The Acid King,” a 2019 film that tells the story of “an American teenager who murdered his friend … in an alleged ‘Satanic sacrifice.’”

Zenkus has also been the subject of a previous Campus Reform story regarding one of his tweets that blamed capitalism for both world wars, slavery, and genocide of Native Americans.

Anthony Zenkus has been contacted for comment. This article will be updated accordingly.

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