Columbia University president: 'Critical race theory' is 'urgent and necessary'

Columbia University’s president said that CRT scholarship at Columbia makes him feel 'proud.'

Columbia has several initiatives that center upon Critical Race Theory and its implications.

Lee Bollinger, president of Columbia University, believes that Critical Race Theory is “urgent and necessary.”

Columbia News interviewed several Columbia Law School professors to explain CRT, as well as efforts from Republicans to “demonize” it.

“Critical race theory and the essential scholarship it has advanced may challenge many long-held views, but that is what makes this work so urgent and necessary,” Bollinger told the outlet. “I could not be more proud that it is taking place at Columbia. This is, after all, what makes universities such vital institutions in society.”

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“In the finest tradition of Columbia Law School, our brilliant faculty were among the foundational thinkers and continue to lead the dialogue on this vital issue,” added law professor Gillian Lester. “Their scholarship, teaching, and advocacy have illuminated the pervasive effects of structural racism in our society and in the law. That they have persisted in the face of hostility and outright falsehoods is testament to their vision and determination.”

The article also quoted from Kimberlé Crenshaw — the law professor who coined the term “intersectionality.”

“It is a way of looking at law’s role platforming, facilitating, producing, and even insulating racial inequality in our country, ranging from health to wealth to segregation to policing,” said Crenshaw of Critical Race Theory.

Columbia, which is ranked third in the nation, has many programs that center upon Critical Race Theory and its implications.

For one, Columbia University Justice Lab’s Square One Project recommended that President Biden appoint a “Secretary of Racial Justice” to his Cabinet.

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Additionally, Columbia recently hosted virtual graduation ceremonies segregated by race, sexual orientation, and socioeconomic status, in addition to its main commencement ceremonies for all students.

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Sen. Tom Cotton (R-AR) commented that the segregated ceremonies represent “the endpoint of critical race theory.”

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