Community college gets $15k grant for DEI initiatives in STEM

A consulting firm recently gave $15k to Bergen Community College (BCC) 'to support student diversity initiatives in science, technology, engineering and mathematics education.'

The move comes as part of BCC's broader DEI efforts.

The consulting firm POWER Engineers recently gave $15,000 to Bergen Community College (BCC) in New Jersey “to support student diversity initiatives in science, technology, engineering and mathematics education.

”The grant will create a ‘POWER Scholars’ program at the College that will enable STEM students to complete certifications in diversity, equity and inclusion best practices,” a December 16 announcement on BCC’s website reads.

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The move comes as part of BCC’s broader DEI efforts.

BCC has an official “Equity Council,” described as “a cross-campus, multiracial/ethnic group formed in 2017 under the auspices of the Vice President for Academic Affairs.”

”It acknowledges the effects of structural racism and systemic poverty and is grounded in the principle of social justice. The Council seeks to ensure that all students receive what they need to be successful through the intentional design of the college experience,” the Council’s website goes on to say.

According to BCC, “it is important to recognize and analyze the historic and persistent factors that have created an unequal system in post-secondary education” in order to “eliminate racially and socioeconomically-based achievement gaps and empower all students to succeed.”

The push to include DEI ideology in STEM fields is a trend Campus Reform has been tracking for several years.

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Just this past December, for example, Campus Reform reported on the National Science Foundation’s emphasis on DEI ideology in its various initiatives, one of the key funders of STEM research in higher education.

According to NSF’s website, “Advancing diversity, equity, and inclusion in engineering is essential to the health, security, and prosperity of the United States. NSF is committed to building a diverse and inclusive workforce to increase the Nation’s capacity to perform engineering research and development, enhance innovation, and create new technologies that benefit society.”

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