Community college's new social justice center focuses on issues like 'white privilege' and 'water'

Fresno City College opened the 'Social Justice Center' on March 21 to allow students and staff to pursue programming and speakers devoted to social justice.

The center's website lists possible social justice issues that may be addressed, such as 'white privilege,' 'white supremacy,' and 'water.'

A community college in Fresno, California recently opened a “Social Justice Center” intended to foster a culture of Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI) on campus.

Fresno City College officially opened the new center on March 2. According to the college’s website, the center envisions a society “rooted in equity” and free from “poverty, hunger, homelessness, racism, and other forms of persecution.”

“The mission of the Social Justice Center is to engage the campus and greater community in order to cultivate and promote social justice and equity on campus, locally, nationally, and globally,” the center’s mission statement reads.

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The center will also serve as a “research and resource center” for social justice causes, and will work to “advocate for social justice wherever and whenever needed, in order to better serve, educate, and empower our students and our community.”

A collection of books focusing on “social justice,” as well as access to computers equipped with research databases featuring local nonprofit organizations will also be available.

The center will also provide “training for faculty, staff, students, and administration.” The description does not explain what the training will consist of or to what ends it will be directed.

The college has expressed a commitment to hosting various panels and guest speakers to discuss “issues related to social justice and cultural awareness,” including: Black Lives Matter, “race studies,” “LGBTQ studies and activism,” “Native American and Indigenous studies and activism,” “social justice concerns related to ageism,” “white supremacy,” “white privilege,” “environmental justice,” refugee status,” “restorative justice,” and “water.”

“At the start of each event, a land acknowledgement will be made,” the center’s web page notes.

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Lee Herrick, a longtime professor at Fresno City College, told The Rampage that he is excited that such clubs and activities will have a dedicated space on campus.

“Individual students and social justice-related student clubs are welcome to meet in the Center, raise awareness, and advocate for social justice wherever and whenever needed to better serve,” he said.

Campus Reform has contacted Fresno City College for comment. This article will be updated accordingly.