Conservative students nationwide denounce Capitol Hill attack

After the attack on the United States Capitol, conservative student groups across America condemned the violence.

Chapters of the College Republicans, Turning Point USA, and Young Americans for Freedom released statements unequivocally decrying the events of January 6.

Following the January 6 attack on the United States Capitol, conservative student groups across the country condemned the violence.

The College Republican National Committee called it “a sad day for our nation.”

“For months, over the course of 2020, we watched in horror as our cities burned, our communities braced for violence, often at the hands of rioters acting in the name of far-left political ideologies,” said the group. “We forcefully condemned those actions and the violence that took place. Today, we must just as forcefully condemn in the strongest possible way the actions and violence taking place in the name of far-right political ideologies.”

Several state and college chapters followed suit.

“We will be incredibly blunt this afternoon,” said the New Hampshire College Republicans. “We condemn in the strongest possible terms the violence that has taken place at the Capitol today.”

“We condemn those who illegally entered the Capitol Building today,” said the Stanford University College Republicans. “Today was a great opportunity for conservatives to present the voluminous evidence of illegality, fraud and irregularities that took place during the 2020 election. Unfortunately, as a result of the actions of those who breached the Capitol, the constitutional objections that congressional Republicans will raise will be overshadowed.”

The Harvard College Republicans and Harvard Democrats released a joint statement condemning the violence.

“Dissent is fundamental to democracy,” said the statement. “But threatening the safety of members of Congress, journalists, staffers, Capitol employees, and all other bystanders is not dissent. The acts committed at the Capitol today constitute domestic terrorism.”

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Chapters of Young Americans for Freedom and Turning Point USA released similar statements.

The YAF chapter at the University of Michigan condemned the violence “in the strongest possible terms.”

“We want to join leaders of both parties in thanking the Capitol Police for doing their duty to keep safe the occupants of the Hill,” they concluded. “We ask all Americans to help us pray for unity and healing in our great nation.”

The Turning Point USA at the University at Albany said that “the ends do not justify the means and political violence is never acceptable in America.”

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