Cornell professor says hiring Republicans would decrease faculty quality

In a recent Cornell Sun article covering faculty political donations, of which 96% have gone to Democrats in the past four years, several Cornell professors were quoted on their thoughts about the lack of political diversity on campus.

The article itself is a rehash of report by The Cornell Review done several weeks ago, and offers mostly nothing new about the patently obvious domination of liberal and progressive professors at Cornell.

According to the Sun, government professor Andrew Little suggested hiring Republicans would compromise the quality of Cornell’s professors. He was quoted saying, “Placing more emphasis on diversity of political beliefs when hiring [would] almost certainly require sacrificing on general quality or other dimensions of diversity.”

Another government professor, Richard Bensel, also said, “Our job is not to mold the minds of young students — they’ll go out into the world and do that for themselves… Cornell does not have to be a banquet that offers every viewpoint.”

More quotes:

The only reason I am pointing these out is to show that the lack of political diversity at Cornell and other universities is not an accident, it is the product of purposeful design. It is has reached the point of where there is not even a need to hide these motives. Professorial arrogance is the true faces of modern academia, where indoctrination, rather than education, is the true goal.

In other breaking news: the sun rose today.

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This article has been amended since its initial publication.