Course at Utah college lets class 'watch pornographic films together'

Westminster College in Salt Lake City is offering a course on pornography in which students will 'watch pornographic films together.'

'Hard core pornography is as American as apple pie and more popular than Sunday night football,' the course description reads.

Westminster College in Salt Lake City, Utah, offers a class on pornography in which students watch raunchy films as a group. 

Students at the private liberal arts college can take “FILM-300O: Porn” to earn two credits toward their film studies degree during the 2022-2023 school year, according to the film department’s website.

“Hard core pornography is as American as apple pie and more popular than Sunday night football,” the course description reads. “Our approach to this billion-dollar industry is as both a cultural phenomenon that reflects and reinforces sexual inequalities (but holds the potential to challenge sexual and gender norms) and as an art form that requires serious contemplation.”

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“We will watch pornographic films together and discuss the sexualization of race, class, and gender and as an experimental, radical art form,” the description adds.

Indeed, Westminster College’s film program emphasizes its “discourse community” approach, through which students share their existing knowledge with their peers.

An identical course description is listed under an offering from the gender studies department, which aims to help students explore “the social construction of gender, masculinity, intersectionality, and the women’s rights movement.”

Campus Reform has reported on multiple instances of universities pushing sexuality upon their students — both inside and outside the classroom.

Rutgers University, for example, offered a course called “Gender and the Body: Representation and Pornography” in the fall of 2021, which taught students to analyze pornography using film and gender studies methods. According to the course description, “students will learn how viewing art, film, and pornography through the lens of gender and embodiment enriches your understanding of art in general.”

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In the spring of 2022, self-proclaimed sex educators Lindsay Fram and Marshall Miller spoke to students at Wentworth Institute of Technology, discussing how they can achieve female orgasms. Campus Reform obtained a screenshot of a university email promoting the event; the message stated that admission was open to “orgasm aficionados and beginners of all genders” that wanted to learn “about everything from multiple orgasms to that mysterious G-spot.”

Campus Reform reached out to Westminster College’s media relations team for more information; this article will be updated with any response.

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