'CROOKED LIARS'– Dr. Marschall calls out 'complete hypocrisy' of university presidents' newfound commitment to free speech

'All of these presidents have failed miserably as human beings.'

Dr. Zachary Marschall, Editor-in-Chief of Campus Reform, recently appeared on Real America’s Voice’s Stinchfield Tonight to address the alarming congressional testimonies of University of Pennsylvania President Liz Magill, Harvard University President Claudine Gay, and MIT President Sally Kornbluth– all of whom refused to assert that “calling for the genocide of Jews” will not be tolerated on their campuses.

He pointed out the “complete hypocrisy” of university leaders who blame their own refusal to protect Jewish students on a commitment to free speech– a value that history demonstrates they do not possess.

”All of these presidents have failed miserably as human beings. They cannot recognize that a call for genocide against Jews is tantamount to a call for violence and incitement of violence,” Marschall said.

“It’s complete hypocrisy. Claudine Gay’s been lying through her teeth since day one. She’s been lying to the American people that Harvard doesn’t punish students for using certain types of speech. They have a history of it. These are crooked liars.”

“At Campus Reform, we’ve reported on people at Harvard and Penn and many other universities around the country that have been ousted, or suspended, or faced other penalties– more than anyone has for inciting violence against Jews– for using the wrong pronoun accidentally, for causing a micro-aggression which probably doesn’t even exist in the first place,” he continued. 

Watch the full video above.