CSU employee shames students as ‘local racists’

An employee of Colorado State University openly shamed two conservative students on social media, posting pictures of them on Facebook and calling them “local racist” numbers one and two.

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According to a screenshot of the Facebook post obtained by Campus Reform, Megan Skeehan, who works as a program assistant in the Department of Accounting, posted pictures of students Juan Caro and Emily Faulkner to a conversation thread, labeling the two conservative students as “local racist #1” and “local racist #2.”

Apparently, the photos were taken of the two students at a free speech wall event, a demonstration conservative students at CSU have routinely participated in, and in one instance their makeshift wall, intended to serve as a platform for all students, was destroyed by their fellow students.

“It’s sad to see that [an employee] at Colorado State University would go out of her way to target two students simply because they do not believe in open borders,” Caro, president of CSU’s Conservative Interest Group, told Campus Reform. “Open borders don’t work; they have never worked. You don’t keep your house unlocked for a reason.”

“Simply for standing against open borders I get called a racist by someone who’s supposed to teach in our university. That is the opposite of what they’re supposed to do. They’re supposed to encourage discussion,” continued Caro, an immigrant from Colombia himself, observing that “this isn’t the first time it’s happened on our college campus.”

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Faulkner, president of the university’s Students for Life organization, told Campus Reform that she found Skeehan’s behavior “extremely unprofessional.”

“I think it is extremely unprofessional. I can't say whether or not it is normal for CSU, but I know that professors are constantly indoctrinating students in the classroom on leftist propaganda,” Faulkner asserted, adding that “as far as this goes, an employee of a university that I pay thousands of dollars to attend should not be exploiting [me] and my conservative friends on social media.”

Campus Reform reached out to Skeehan for comment on the incident, but did not receive a response in time for publication.

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