Dem sit-in ‘like college kids taking over a campus,’ C-SPAN caller says

A C-Span caller compared the Democratic representatives protesting for a gun bill to “college kids taking over a campus.”

“They can’t expect leadership to give into them, when they’re basically holding Congress hostage,” Barbara from Ohio said last night in response to the sit-in.

But perhaps the caller was not aware of the Mizzou football team, which held the school administration hostage by refusing to play games until President Tim Wolfe was fired. Wolfe eventually resigned.

“There are ways of having civil protest,” explained the caller. “But it does not have a place on the floor of the House.

“These are people that are paid to represent us and to be there and it’s not the same as a Filibuster. The Senate has very clear rules in place for a filibuster,” she contended.

“This is more like college kids taking over a campus and saying ‘we’re going to do this.’”

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