Diversity vice chancellor tells 'White people' to 'fix your freaking families'

The interim vice vice chancellor for equity, diversity and inclusion said in a Facebook video that white people need to “fix [their] families” after the Jan. 6 riot at the U.S. Capitol.

She also said that "democracy is failing because of racism."

The University of Colorado-Colorado Springs vice chancellor for equity, diversity, and inclusion shared an emotional rant in a self-recorded video posted to Facebook and MyBlackColorado.com, in which she stated that she needs White Americans to “fix [their] families” after the Jan. 6 riot at the U.S. Capitol.

Stephany Rose Spaulding is a pastor of Ebenezer Baptist Church in Colorado Springs and a former U.S. congressional candidate. She currently works at the University of Colorado, Colorado Springs as the interim vice chancellor for equity, diversity, and inclusion.

In response to the events that occurred at the Capitol on January 6, Spaulding took to social media to share her strong opinions on where the country is and why these protests were taking place. She said about the storming of the U.S. Capitol that “you are seeing how White privilege plays out for the whole entire globe and this country right now.”

She said the protesters would have been treated drastically differently if they were Black. 

”We [the black community] recognize that we would be dead right now in this moment,” and that “this is your [White people’s] fault for allowing whiteness to manifest in some BS like this.”

Spaulding was also critical of law enforcement for not preventing the breach. 

“I bet with all of my life that there are sympathizers even in the capitol police, even in the national guard that allowed this to happen,” she continued. 

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The video begins with Spaulding stating that “Black justice workers are not OK.” 

She later emphasized this point saying, “we will not be okay until every doggone White person out here recognizes that this is the result of white supremacy, this is your fault, this is on your watch for sitting by silently.”

Spaulding censured even those who were sympathetic toward her, saying “I don’t need a hug, I need you [White people] to fix your freaking families, I need you to fix yourselves, I need you to fix this!”

According to the pastor, “Democracy is failing because of racism, and how embedded it is in every structure and institution” and Black Americans “are tired of trying to carry your humanity and your decency on our backs.”  

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Spaulding is the author of two books, Abolishing White Masculinity from Mark Twain to Hiphop: Crisis in Whiteness and Recovering From Racism: A Guidebook to Beginning Conversations. She has also been featured in The Washington Post, Los Angeles Times, News Talk 1450, The New Republic, CBS Denver, Vox, and The Gazette.

Spaulding also created a group called Truth and Conciliation, which states that they are “committed to dismantling systemic racism and all forms of oppression in order to build an inclusive, diverse and equitable future for all our relations.” 

She also compared racism in America to an “all-consuming cancer” and a “disease” that has been ignored and is reemerging in the midst of police brutality. 

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