'Dumb C**t': Man vandalizes TPUSA table and spits at a female student

A video posted to Twitter on February 7 appears to show a male student at Columbus State University vandalizing a Turning Point USA chapter table and spitting at a female student.

The female student is called a 'dumb and ugly c**t,' a 'dumb b***h,' and 'r******d.'

A video posted to Twitter on February 7 appears to show a male student at Columbus State University in Georgia vandalizing a Turning Point USA chapter table and spitting at a female student. 

The video of the incident was posted by TPUSA Panhandle Field Representative Noah Durham. 

In the footage, a man, presumably a student at Columbus State, is accused of throwing merchandise off of the chapter’s table. After being confronted about the vandalism, the student proceeds to hurl expletive-laden insults at Durham and another female student before spitting at the female.

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When Durham confronted the student about the vandalism, the man responded by calling him a “p**sy.”  He then called the female student a “dumb and ugly c**t” after she approached him, adding that she’s a “dumb b*tch” and “r*tarded,” ending the interaction by spitting near her feet.

Durham told Campus Reform that the female student was not a TPUSA chapter member, but was looking at their merchandise and chose to defend them. After the event, she decided to join the chapter to help recruit and organize on campus. 

The female student was not interested in commenting about the incident at this time. 

Video of the incident circulated on Twitter with over 7,000 views, captioned by Durham, “Columbus State University student was triggered by the @TPUSA chapter’s buttons/stickers so much that he decided cussing and spitting at us would resolve his negative feelings.”

People left comments in support of Durham and the female student.

One account wrote, “Kudos to the @TPUSA field reps for carrying themselves professionally. I’d love to hear what @ColumbusStateUniversity has to say about violence and zero-tolerance policies on campus.”

Another account sarcastically said, “Spits at a woman. Seems like such a stand-up guy.” 

“Unfortunately, similar incidents like this happen a lot on campus where conservative clubs are present and I think it says a lot that it is typically left-leaning students that use profanity and violence to voice their opinions,” Durham told Campus Reform

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A follow-up tweet was posted by Durham applauding the TPUSA chapter leaders. The caption reads, “Shout out to the Columbus State @TPUSA chapter leaders for standing up for what they believe in today and for not getting discouraged when facing opposition.”

Durham told Campus Reform that he hopes his “social media post raises awareness about what conservative students are facing on their college campuses,” and that he hopes to “empower conservative students to organize and create a community on their campus that will stand up to the liberal ideologies.”

Other Turning Point USA chapters have experienced vandalism of their property this past year, Campus Reform has reported. In September of 2022,  for example, posters were vandalized at Georgia State University ahead of a speaking event organized by the chapter. 

That same month, an Anti-TPUSA group at the University of Cincinnati vandalized the chapter’s posters and called conservatives “fascists.” 

Best efforts were made to contact all relevant parties for comment by Campus Reform. This article will be updated accordingly.