The election is heating up, but Trump resonates with Gen Z voters

'Gen Z valued Donald Trump's authenticity and his openness," said Campus Reform Student Spokesperson Emily Sturge.

Amid what many would classify as the most chaotic presidential election in recent history, members of the youngest voting block have been speaking out about both their disappointment with President Joe Biden and their support for President Donald Trump.

In a recent appearance on ‘Fox & Friends,’ Campus Reform Student Spokesperson Emily Sturge shared why Trump resonates with many Gen Z voters.

“Gen Z valued Donald Trump’s authenticity and his openness with his Tweets, whether he was talking about North Korea ,or Diet Coker, or whatever else was on his mind at 3:00 in the morning,” said Sturge.”

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“Gen Z valued that openness and realized that Donald Trump is the type of leader we want in the White House, because more members of my generation are waking up and realizing that our lives were actually better under Donald Trump than they are under Joe Biden,” she added.”

When Campus Reform Correspondent Lena Branch joined Fox & Friends First to discuss the 2024 Iowa Caucus, she expressed that her Gen Z peers were willing to dedicate time to caucus participation because of concerning issues like border policy.

“They know that they have to get out and vote to in order to get the country that they want,” Branch added. 

And when it comes to Biden, much of Gen Z believes he is simply not up for the job. Campus Reform Correspondent Pedro Rodriguez joined Newsmax’s ‘Wake Up America’ earlier this year to discuss President Biden’s fitness for office and his disconnect with Gen Z.

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One of the main issues Gen Z has with Biden, Rodriguez noted, is his “cognitive decline.”

“That is just unacceptable for president of the United States,” said Rodriguez, who also noted that his peers are wise to Biden’s attempt to “buy Gen Z votes” with student loan debt relief.

Similarly, during a Wednesday appearance on ‘Fox & Friends,’ Campus Reform Correspondent Kale Ogunbor = told host Lawrence Jones that many Black voters are also not persuaded by Biden’s attempts to win their votes.

”They’re going to try to convince Americans especially in inner cities, that crime isn’t skyrocketing, that gas isn’t expensive, that inflation isn’t bad. And I just don’t think that Americans have a short enough memory to take that message and believe it,” said Ogunbor.