Employees of these three VA colleges donated over $395K to Democrats, just $15k to Republicans

During the 2020 election cycle, employees at James Madison University, Radford University, and the College of William & Mary donated $395,614 to Democrats and just $16,667 to Republicans.

Under 2 percent of William & Mary donations were to Republicans.

Employees of James Madison University, Radford University and the College of William & Mary  who contributed money to campaigns throughout the 2020 election cycle overwhelmingly donated to Democrats, a Campus Reform analysis has revealed.

Campus Reform analyzed the donation records of the employees of the James Madison University, Radford University and the College of William & Mary from November 2018 to November 2020.

According to the analysis, James Madison University faculty, staff, and administrators donated over $148,105 to Democrat candidates and political committees whereas just over $9,604 went to Republican candidates and causes. 

92.9 percent of all JMU employees who made political donations gave to Democratic candidates or Democratic-aligned organizations such as Act Blue and Biden for President. Comparatively, just 7.09 percent of employees who donated gave to right-leaning candidates and organizations such as WinRed.

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Faculty, staff, and administrators at the College of William & Mary donated over $201,506 to left-leaning candidates and political committees. This is compared to the total amount of donations made to right-leaning causes, which is just over $3,403.

Of all William & Mary employees who donated in the 2020 cycle, 98.02 percent were Democrat and only 1.98 percent were Republican.

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Radford employees individually donated over $46,003 to liberal candidates and causes as opposed to a mere $3,660 to conservative leaning candidates and committees. For every dollar donated to the latter, 80 dollars were donated to the former.

93.98 percent of all Radford donors were Democrat as opposed to 6.02 percent Republican.  

James Madison, Radford and William & Mary did not respond to Campus Reform’s request for comment.