Enraged protesters scream at cops, fascists

A group of demonstrators at the University of Tennessee blasted cops during a protest on Saturday, urging law enforcement and fascists to “get the f—- off of our campus.”

According to a video posted online by Fox News correspondent Matt Finn, the student-let protesters took to the street over the weekend, expressing their outrage at a white nationalist event hosted on campus while also condemning the police.

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“Hey cops, hey fascists, get the f—- off of our campus,” dozens of protesters shouted, as they marched their way through the university.

The protests were originally sparked in response to an event featuring white nationalist Matthew Heimbach, who delivered a talk on race, globalism, and multiculturalism.

"We're not going to make America great again, we're going to make the white race great again," Heimbach said during the event, as reported by Knox News.

According to the publication, the event was organized by the Traditionalist Worker Party, a political organization that frequently supports white nationalist and neo-Nazi rhetoric in the United States.

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The planned event drew immediate criticism from political opponents, with activist organizations calling for widespread counter-protests on campus ahead of the talk.

According to Knox News, the police issued six tickets on Saturday, but made no official arrests despite detaining several protesters for blocking traffic.

Alex Swisher, the president of the College Republicans chapter on campus, told Campus Reform that while everyone has a right to free expression, the law enforcement was simply there to “ensure the safety of all present.”

“Everyone has the right to free speech. It’s unfortunate when any group uses that speech to espouse hate and today the protestors did so, by shouting profanities at law enforcement agents,” she said. “The police set up perimeters and bag checks to ensure the safety of all present. Law enforcement gets a bad rap for simply doing their job to keep all involved safe.”

The University of Tennessee did not immediately respond to Campus Reform’s request for comment.

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