Ethics lecturer claims goal of religious fundamentalists is sexual oppression

The guest lecturer was arguing against conscientious objection in the pharmaceutical field.

A guest lecturer at the University of New Mexico called “sexual oppression” a “goal” of religious people during an ethics presentation to pharmacy doctorate students.

According to a student in the class, two guest lecturers debated a pharmacist’s right to conscientious objection, or the right to object to something based on moral grounds, in December before the semester came to an end.

“Sexual oppression is a goal of religious fundamentalists,” the slide, obtained by Campus Reform said.

The slide also claims that religious fundamentalists are working on new laws to restrict abortion, emergency contraception, and birth control in “all attempts to move us back to this dark place — i.e. ‘sex without children is a sin.’”

“The guest lecturer that presented the slide...was arguing against conscientious objection,” a student in the class, who wished to remain anonymous, told Campus Reform in an interview. “His point of view was that religious/moral beliefs should not be involved in clinical decision making and that freedom of religion should extend to freedom from religion.”

The student stressed while the two guest lecturers debated conscientious objection, the professor of the class remained silent as to “facilitate free discussion.” However, the student said the conservative professor “got railroaded” during the debate.

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