EXCLUSIVE: Admissions counselor admits to anti-Republican bias when 'reviewing college apps'

An admissions counselor for Clemson University vented on social media about Republican student applicants.

She called on Republicans to 'actively denounce' misogyny and white supremacy.

A Clemson University admissions counselor recently took to Snapchat to express her frustration with Republican students applying to the institution. 

Monica Rozman, a Clemson University undergraduate admissions counselor, posted an announcement to her personal Snapchat stating, “no one cares if you’re Republican.” 

Campus Reform obtained a screenshot of the post.

“Reviewing college apps and, just wanna say: no one cares if you’re Republican. Like, small government, low taxes, etc., republican,” Rozman wrote. 

She continued by pointing out that the Republican party is not an “oppressed group” and those who claim to be Republicans must “denounce the white supremacy and misogyny.” 

“BUT BUT BUT, if you’re gonna talk about being Republican (1) don’t act like it’s an oppressed group bc it’s not and (2) unless you ACTIVELY DENOUNCE the white supremacy and misogyny, etc., within your party, you are going out of your way to identify with an oppressive group. Like? Don’t,” she continued. 

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Campus Reform reached out to Clemson University to confirm Rozman’s statements. 

Associate Vice President for Strategic Communication Joe Galbraith told Campus Reform that Rozman’s statements “are not consistent with the admissions policies or practices” of the university.

“Admissions decisions are made by the leadership of the Office of Undergraduate Admissions, and the views expressed on the personal social media channel of this individual – who does not make admissions decisions – are not consistent with the admissions policies or practices of Clemson University,” he explained.

Armani Gracia, a junior at Clemson, told Campus Reform that he was “shocked” by Rozman’s post.

“I was shocked to see one of our own admissions counselors speaking this type of rhetoric,” Gracia stated. ”A party affiliation should not be a problem when applying to a university.” 

“Potentially denying someone to be apart [sic] of this family because of what they support is unfair to the student who worked extremely hard in their academic career so far to attend a university of this caliber,” he continued.

Clemson College Republicans told Campus Reform that because the university is a “haven for conservative students,” it is an “easy target for leftists and their ideologies.” 

“However, we will not let the harsh words from any faculty, staff, professors, or admissions counselors limit our voice or what we stand for,” the organization stated.

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When asked if he believes Clemson has a fair admissions process, Gracia said yes.

“For the most part, I believe Clemson does have a fair admissions process as there are thousands of conservative students here on campus. However, rhetoric such as this from a [sic] academic counselor is deeply concerning and I hope she has a sincere apology for her comments,” he said.

This sentiment was echoed in Galbraith’s response.

“Clemson evaluates every application based upon the academic merits of the individual, and does not discriminate against or disadvantage any group of individuals – regardless of religion, race, gender, political affiliation or any other personal belief or identification,” Galbraith concluded.

Campus Reform reached out to Rozman for comment; this article will be updated accordingly.