EXCLUSIVE: Alabama students met with 'death threat' after hosting memorial for Hamas victims

'We’re pursuing this because threats like this are a serious offense against our right to free speech,' TPUSA president Tyler Robertson said.

Students at the University of Alabama in Huntsville say they intend to press charges after receiving threatening social media communication from an alumna who took such issue with the group’s support of Jews that she threatened to take a “12 gauge shotgun” to their “skull.”

The school’s Turning Point USA chapter held an “October 7th Memorial Day Event” on Nov. 30, advertised as a venue for honoring and praying for the victims of Hamas’ October attack on Israel. The event featured Israeli flags, each representing one life lost in the initial attack on Israel.

October 7th Memorial Day Event

On Dec. 2,  an individual identified by police as “Jade” shared a post from the TPUSA chapter advertising the event to her Instagram story— along with a message telling the group to “Resist my 12 gauge shotgun 2 ur skull b***h.”

“People in the chapter who saw the post were troubled by it, and said it was a death threat,” TPUSA Chapter President Tyler Robertson told Campus Reform.

Robertson told Campus Reform that Jade is known to the group as a local alumna who has regularly responded negatively to the group’s Instagram posts in the past.

The group took screenshots of the story, as well as other disturbing posts on Jade’s Instagram profile, and filed a release report.

Additional posts from Jade’s Instagram

Per the police report obtained by Campus Reform, “Jade removed all posts in regards to Turning Point and any identifying posts once the UAHPD had viewed her Instagram page.” Jade’s last name was not included on the copy of the police report provided to Robertson. 

The police report indicates that the officer spoke with Madison County Chief Trial Attorney Tim Douthit, who “advised there is probable cause for the crime of Harassing Communication.”

Robertson says the group’s intent to press charges is primarily based on concern for students’ right to engage in protected speech without fear of violent repercussions.

“We’re pursuing this because threats like this are a serious offense against our right to free speech. No one should accept threats of violence as a normal part of using our 1st amendment rights,” Roberston told Campus Reform. “Unfortunately, we aren’t surprised this has happened, because far-left activists have been empowered by the elites in academia to believe that it’s always open season on conservatism. People like Jade believe they are immune to the consequences of making threats because her ideas fit the mainstream. Thankfully, that’s not true, at least for now.”

“To us, this is about more than the issue that triggered her outrage in this particular instance,” said Roberston. “This is about more than Israel, Gaza, or antisemitism. To us, this is about protecting the rights of all students to share their ideas publicly, without fear of getting attacked by other students. Today, the backlash is about our stance on Israel.”

“On another day, it might be about our stance on protecting women’s sports from the lies of transgenderism, our firm pro-life position, or any other idea that is unpopular with the radical left. Regardless of why they decide to make threats, we want to send the message that it won’t be tolerated. Not only will threat-makers find themselves in trouble with the law, their threats won’t stop us from exercising our rights and sharing the truth. We’ll be back next semester, holding events to educate students, start civil conversations, and build the conservative community.”

“We hope that this won’t discourage other students from joining our events, which have always been safe. We have a great working relationship with the UAH police department, and they’ve made it clear that if we ever have a safety concern, they will be on scene within seconds. But we’ve never needed to do this, since our events are always safe and well-planned.”

UAH Vice President for Strategic Communications Kristina Hendrix assured Campus Reform that “UAH Police will continue to work with the local authorities on this matter.”

Campus Reform reached out to UAH PD, and Douthit for comment. This article will be updated accordingly.