EXCLUSIVE AUDIO: Tennessee students trained to obtain unauthorized pills from India for illegal 'self-managed' abortions

Those who follow this advice were told to 'keep their mouth absolutely, completely shut' to avoid potential criminal charges and to 'trust no one,' including licensed doctors.

A University of Tennessee women's group promoted an unregulated website that sells abortion pills from India without a prescription.

University of Tennessee student group hosted an “Abortion Pill Training ‘’ event on Oct. 19, educating students on how to discreetly maintain access to abortions in defiance of statewide laws that prohibit this practice.

The University of Tennessee’s Women’s Coordinating Council, which runs as a registered student organization at the university, invited Maxine Carwile to lead a training course through “Self-Managed Abortion; Safe and Supported” (SASS), a pro-abortion non-profit organization.

Carwile reiterates throughout the training that “if anyone ever does end their own pregnancy, or help someone end their own pregnancy, they need to keep their mouth absolutely, completely shut. Trust no one.”

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This extends to medical professionals, who Carwile suggests will report their patients to legal authorities for causing their own medical abortion. Instead, she advises women to falsely claim to doctors that they are having a miscarriage.

“It’s complicated,” Carwile said in regard to the legality of ordering and taking abortion-inducing medication in Tennessee.

With few exemptions, Tennessee’s pro-life legislation prohibits the use of any medication or drug “with the intent to terminate the pregnancy of a woman,” but Carwile shares the “beautiful miracle” of online ordering solutions to bypass these state regulations.

She recommended the website “PlanCPills.org,” which provides options to deliver abortion pills in Tennessee, including through “unregulated websites that sell pills,” warns the page. “No medical consultation or prescription is required…The pills provided are generic versions of the FDA-approved medications, usually made in India.” Plan C adds.

Plan C Co-Founder and Co-Director Elisa Wells told Campus Reform that the organization is “pleased to learn that activists on campus are referencing [its] evidence-based information…”.

Carwile also recommended using private search browsers, encrypted messaging apps, and anonymous VPNs to reduce any potential evidence of illegal abortion.

To further justify her advice on disregarding the law, Carwile says that “we all do crimes like every day” and compares the act of aborting a baby to “speeding down the highway”.

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Jane Gann, a freshman at the university who attended the “Abortion Pill Training” told Campus Reform that she believes Carwile’s rhetoric “preys on college-aged girls,” like herself.

“The promotion of potentially dangerous drugs and blatant recommendations to lie to licensed doctors to evade the law is seriously harmful to young women on campus who may be pregnant and seeking help,” Gann adds.

Campus Reform has contacted the University of Tennessee, Women’s Organizational Committee, Maxine Carwile, and SASS for comment. This article will be updated accordingly.