EXCLUSIVE: Docs reveal how much Al Sharpton makes teaching 'political science' at Tennessee State

Tennessee State University is paying Al Sharpton $48,000 to be a "Guest Lecturer" for one semester.

Sharpton will teach a course focusing on political science and social justice.

Tennessee State University is paying MSNBC host Al Sharpton $48,000 to be a “Distinguished Guest Lecturer” for the spring semester, lasting from January 19 May 3, according to Sharpton’s contract with the university, a copy of which Campus Reform obtained through a Freedom of Information Act request. 

In comparison, the average salary in the U.S. is $66,665 per year, just $18,665 more than what Sharpton will make from his gig at TSU in a period of five months. 

As previously reported by Campus Reform, Sharpton accepted the position and “will be a featured lecturer in the area of political science grounded in social justice.” Glenda Glover, the president of Tennessee State University, said in December when Sharpton’s position was announced that the university is “excited” to have the “civil rights icon” engage with students.

“We are excited to have the Rev. Al Sharpton, a civil rights icon, serve as a distinguished guest lecturer at our university,” said Glover. “His presence means our students will be able to engage with a piece of history at a time when his insight is more relevant than ever before.” 

The contract states that Sharpton will provide lectures on a variety of topics surrounding political science, as well as other campus activities.

[RELATED: Tennessee State taps Al Sharpton to teach ‘political science grounded in social justice’]Shapton will give “lecturers on political science [sic]civil rights and social justice; and engaging in other academic endeavors, as well as recruitment activities, as determined mutually by Rev. Sharpton and PresidentGlover.” 

”The compensation shall be paid on a monthly basis over the course of the term of the appointment,” the contract stipulates, meaning that before taxes, Sharpton will make approximately $9,600 per month. 

According to the job recruitment website ZipRecruiter, that’s more than double the median monthly income in Tennessee, and more than $4,000 more than the median monthly income in New York State, where Sharpton lives. 

That’s not Sharpton’s only source of income, though. 

Sharpton is the host of PoliticsNation on MSNBC and has authored several books. 

In TSU’s announcement, Sharpton said he would teach a course focusing on political science and social justice.

“The course I will teach will examine political science and social justice from the lens of recent cases—many of which I have directly worked on as a civil rights leader and it will look at shifting politics in the new administration relating to issues directly impacting Black communities,” Sharpton said.

Campus Reform sought to confirm directly with Tennessee State University if the funding for the position comes from taxpayers, but did not receive a response.