EXCLUSIVE: 'F**k all y'all': Protesters erupt after SCOTUS rules against affirmative action

Protesters on both sides of the issue rallied outside the Supreme Court on Thursday morning.

On Thursday, the United States Supreme Court (SCOTUS) ruled against race being a factor in college admissions. SCOTUS made the ruling in a joint decision on a pair of lawsuits Students for Fair Admission filed against the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill (UNC Chapel Hill) and Harvard University. 

The result was a six-three vote

Campus Reform was on the scene immediately after the decision’s announcement. Opponents and supporters of affirmative action were outside the Supreme Court. The crowds appeared to number in the low hundreds with a near-even split between those in favor and against affirmative action. 

One woman dragged a decorated cart featuring a Black Lives Matter flag and an LGBTQ+ flag. Numerous individuals blasted music on loudspeakers and danced in opposition to the decision. 

The same woman with the cart held a banner that said “SCOTUS Is Illegitimate” while she danced. 

“F**K all y’all!” she can be heard shouting in the video.

One individual was arrested for jumping a barricade outside the Court, which prompted security to force everyone present to step back to a further block. 

Numerous verbal fights and shouting matches erupted during the morning, but none resulted in physical altercations. 

Affirmative action opponents told Campus Reform that students should be rewarded based on merit, and not judged by how they were born. 

The Supreme Court found both universities to be in violation of the Fourteenth Amendment and deemed they illegally discriminated on the basis of race and ethnicity in college admissions. 

The majority opinion states that “the Court’s conclusion is that an increase in the representation of racial minorities at institutions of higher learning that were historically reserved for white Americans is an unfair and repugnant outcome that offends the Equal Protection Clause.”

Campus Reform contacted all relevant parties for comment. This article will be updated accordingly. 

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