EXCLUSIVE: George Mason University Students for Life harassed by pro-abortion student

Students for Life at George Mason University was allegedly harassed by a pro-abortion student while recruiting on campus Wednesday.

Campus Reform obtained video of the incident.

In videos obtained by Campus Reform, a pro-abortion individual at George Mason University (GMU) is seen allegedly stalking the Students for Life (SFL) chapter during its Wednesday club fair in an attempt to deter the group’s ability to recruit.

The videos show the individual in a heated debate with Students for Life Regional Coordinator Gavin Oxley and disposing of the chapter’s recruitment material.

“You just stole stuff. You just stole our property,” Ken Meekins, President of SFL at GMU, accused the individual. Another student, also seen in the video, then advised the individual to ignore the group, but “don’t take their stuff.”

The individual justified throwing away the papers because the group allegedly “took away a women’s right to choose.”

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Although he originally refused to disclose where he put the papers, he eventually told the group that their materials were in “one of those” trash cans, after which the group retrieved the flyers.

Ken Meekins, President of SFL at GMU, told Campus Reform that the individual’s goal was to stop the group’s ability to contact students during the event.

Meekins is also a Campus Reform Correspondent. 

“He just called everyone names and constantly harassed us, not leaving us alone,” Meekins recalled.

The individual allegedly refused on numerous accounts to leave the group’s table. At one point, the individual lunged to grab a camera held by SFL Vice President Isabella Cespedes, who was recording the incident. 

“It’s a shame that these violent interactions happen because they do impede us from communicating our message and sharing the truth about the violence of abortion,” Cespedes told Campus Reform.

The individual repeatedly refused to leave the area, stating that he would “keep exercising [his] First Amendment rights.” The interaction allegedly made students uncomfortable.

Meekins told Campus Reform that campus police were asked to intervene twice. In fear of their safety, the chapters flagged down an officer on duty, the video shows. 

The officer, however, claimed that no rights were violated. 

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Despite the incident, Meekins reported to Campus Reform that the chapter had a successful day of recruiting and sparking debate at GMU.

“Most people were willing to talk to us…We had some pro-choice people that came up [to the table], but they were willing to have a discussion, and [were] willing to conversate…and actually have…a productive discussion,” Meekins said. 

While Meekins said that this is the typical norm for the group, he has noticed an uptick in hostility since the Supreme Court overturned Roe v. Wade in June. 

“I am a little bit concerned now about…future interactions,” Meekings admitted. “I am definitely going to be a lot more vigilant with people [and] definitely always want to have…a camera or something around to make sure…that we can catch people and film [if] they try to do anything illegal.”

Cespedes, however, confirmed to Campus Reform that the group would not be deterred from hosting future events on campus.

”We’re [going to] be continuing to be our here speaking to different people regarding how the babies in the womb do deserve human rights just like any other human,” she said.  

Campus Reform contacted GMU for comment. The Police and Public Safety department deferred to the university for comment. This article will be updated accordingly.

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