EXCLUSIVE: An inside look at this Utah campus drag show

Performers were told to keep their dances entertaining, but not lewd.

Campus Reform obtained video of a drag show at Utah Tech University.

The Utah Tech LGBTQ+ Student Organization and Utah Tech Student Association hosted a drag show on Oct. 19. 

Performances included explicit content, videos obtained by Campus Reform show.

One participant, who appeared to be judging the performances, yelled out “this p***y wet” to a dancer on the stage. The same individual advised another performer to “shake that a**,” followed by a demonstration.

The school mascot, Brooks the Bison, was also seated at the judges’ table, one video shows.

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Jordan Sharpe, VP of Marketing & Communication at Utah Tech, told Campus Reform that the event was paid for through student fees. He also confirmed the event was intended for attendees 18+ years due to “the nature of drag shows in general.”

“Participating dancers [were] instructed to make their performances entertaining, not lewd,” he said.

The requirement put the event in line with the St. George campus’ policy prohibiting disruptive behavior, which is defined as “actions that are considered lewd or disorderly by a reasonable person.”

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Sharp further explained that because the event was conducted in a “closed-door environment,” the policy did not apply. 

“The University cannot take away rights of expression or withdraw resources based on the content or viewpoint to be expressed at the event, as those rights are Constitutionally protected,” Sharp said. “As an institution of higher learning, UT is committed to supporting students in all clubs so their events can accomplish their desired goals.”

Campus Reform has contacted the Utah Tech LGBTQ+ student organization and the Utah Tech Student Association for comment. This story will be updated accordingly.