EXCLUSIVE: Kayleigh McEnany flyers vandalized ahead of tomorrow's speech

Flyers advertising an upcoming Kayleigh McEnany event were vandalized on the University of Florida’s campus.

Campus Reform obtained a photo of the ruined flyers that show McEnany’s face completely torn off.

Kayleigh McEnany’s Saturday speech at the University of Florida (UF) already met backlash after flyers advertising the event were vandalized, video obtained by Campus Reform shows.

The video shows McEnany’s face ripped off from several flyers posted on a university bulletin board.

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Ava Meadows, a UF student and member of the Network of Enlightened Women (NeW) chapter, told Campus Reform that she was “super disappointed and annoyed” to see the flyers destroyed.

“The left likes to talk about representation and listening to all opinions and values, however, since my opinion doesn’t align with theirs they don’t accept it,” she said.

Despite the attempt to disrupt recruitment, the chapter expects a large crowd and is aiming to fill 200 seats. Meadows stated that while she is “not aware of any protests” she “wouldn’t be surprised if there are some.”

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UF recently implemented a new protest policy on campus following the developments surrounding newly confirmed president, Ben Sasse. 

“The university will resume enforcement of a regulation on the books for at least two decades, prohibiting protests inside campus buildings,” UF President Fuchs wrote in an email to the UF community. 

Meadows told Campus Reform, “UF has never enforced this rule, but due to our new president being Senator Sasse, they are upholding that rule since [protestors] completely ruined his Q&A session a few weeks ago.”

UF’s Network of Enlightened Women (NeW) chapter will host McEnany, Fox News host and former Press Secretary for President Donald Trump, at 7:00 PM to speak about “The Search for Truth.” 

Campus Reform reached out to everyone mentioned and this article will be updated accordingly. McEnany was unable to be reached. 

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