EXCLUSIVE: Man arrested for assault on conservative once employed by UC-Berkeley

Greenberg was also "briefly" a non-degree seeking student at the school, a UC-Berkeley spokeswoman told Campus Reform.

Zachary Greenberg, who UC-Berkeley identified as the man who allegedly assaulted a conservative on campus, once worked for the college.

Greenberg worked for a period of less than three months as a lab assistant in the Department of Psychology, according to UC-Berkeley.

The University of California-Berkeley told Campus Reform that the man arrested for assaulting a conservative on campus is a former employee. 

UC-Berkeley spokeswoman Diana Harvey said Friday after announcing the arrest of 28-year-old Zachary Greenberg on a felony assault charge that Greenberg was employed by UC-Berkeley from May 21-July 9, 2010 as a lab assistant in the Department of Psychology. Greenberg would have been college-aged at the time UC-Berkeley confirmed he worked for the college, so Campus Reform asked whether Greenberg was a student worker. Harvey did not specify in which capacity Greenberg worked for UC-Berkeley.

Harvey also said that Greenberg was once “briefly” a non-degree seeking student at UC-Berkeley. 

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