EXCLUSIVE: Mother of prospective college students says SFSU is not an option after Riley Gaines incident

Cheng's email proves a growing demand for accountability.

Cheng expressed her dismay with San Francisco State University's handling of the leftist mob, stating that violence against women is unacceptable.

Jenn Cheng, a concerned California parent, recently sent an email to Dr. Jamillah Moore, the Vice President of Student Affairs at San Francisco State University (SFSU), demanding action in response to the violent mob attack against Riley Gaines during a “Save Women’s Sports” event in early April. 

In an email to Dr. Moore obtained by Campus Reform through a public record request, Cheng expressed her dismay with SFSU’s handling of the leftist mob, stating that violence against women is unacceptable and that SFSU is no longer an option for her college-aged children, one of whom is a young woman. She also called on the university to stand up for women and take decisive action against the perpetrators.

”I am the mother of 2 almost college-aged California teens, one of them a female just like Riley Gaines. SFSU is no longer a consideration for either of them, as violence against women, even once, is absolutely intolerable. I demand to know what action you’re going to take against the violent mob that attacked Riley Gaines on your campus. If you support feminism in the slightest bit, please stand up for women in the face of oppression,” Cheng’s email reads. 

The incident, previously covered by Campus Reform, unfolded during Gaines’ “Save Women’s Sports” speech at the university in early April.

Video footage obtained by Campus Reform captured the chaos.

Further, though threats of violence were directed towards Gaines and the organizers for nearly a month leading up to the event, SFSU campus police failed to implement a safety plan that would protect Gaines and event attendees.

Footage posted to Twitter shows police officers’ failed attempts to calm the mob. 

Cheng’s email to Dr. Moore highlights an increasing concern for student safety, which extends beyond SFSU. These concerns arise, even among students, in environments where leftist ideologies gain prominence.

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For instance, a George Washington University student expressed to Campus Reform her apprehension of leftist opposition to arming campus police, as the audio recording below reveals. 

The student believes that such opposition poses a threat to her safety, as it could limit authorities’ ability to protect students from violent individuals, including mass shooters and armed robbers. 

Additionally, conservatives are often specific targets of violence and threats of violence. 

In December 2022, for example, Students for Life Action (SFLA) members received a note from pro-abortion activists that threatened to “shoot up” the group’s pro-life workshop near the University of Nebraska-Omaha and the College of St. Mary. 

Cheng’s email also proves a growing demand for accountability.

In response to the incident, Adam Guillette, the President of Accuracy in Media (AIM), took action by deploying mobile billboards to State University of New York at Buffalo, where Gaines was scheduled to speak about women’s sports after her speech at SFSU. 

These mobile billboards aimed to encourage students to behave civilly, which ultimately proved successful as there was no violence against Gaines in New York.

Additionally, Cheng’s decision to keep her children away from SFSU is justified given that students on campus vehemently defended the attack on Gaines, as shown below. 

This suggests that the persisting hostile environment at SFSU is unlikely to undergo any significant changes, potentially leading more parents to follow Cheng’s lead in opting to keep their children away from the university. 

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Campus Reform reached out to Riley Gaines and Dr. Moore for comment regarding Cheng’s email, but no responses have been received yet. The story will be updated as more information becomes available. Campus Reform also attempted to find Jenn Cheng, but was unsuccessful. 

As Campus Reform continues to obtain public records pertaining to this incident, additional details and developments are expected. 

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