EXCLUSIVE: Pitt students draft demands for trans 'medical leave,' no police, and mandatory gender class

Pitt transgender activists created a Discord group chat that was used to plan protests.

Included in the members' efforts was a drafted list of demands that students expect the university to abide by.

Following two conservative events at the University of Pittsburgh (Pitt), transgender activists are drafting a handful of demands for their school, according to screenshots obtained by Campus Reform.  

Recently, Pitt’s TPUSA chapter hosted Cabot Phillips from The Daily Wire, formerly of Campus Reform. Phillip’s Mar. 24 event, which focused on liberal media bias, received heaps of backlash after students disrupted the event and were removed by police officers. 

Three days later, ex-swimmer Riley Gaines spoke to attendees about the importance of protecting women’s sports. Although transgender activists did not disrupt Gaines’ speech, hundreds of protestors took to the streets to call out the event for spewing “hate speech.”

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In response to the events, a Discord group chat was created titled “TPU [Turning Point USA] Trans Protest” to plan protests and discuss related issues. Included in these efforts was a list of demands of the university, exclusive screenshots of which were obtained by Campus Reform.

Eight demands were shared to be voted upon. Out of the eight, “[t]he top 5 most voted demands will be put on a distributed flyer,” the poll read. 

First on the list of eight demands was an apology to “all campus and community stakeholders, particularly the LGBTQIA+ community.”

Transgender activists also expect Pitt to provide them with a “fully-staffed, in-person, LGBTQIA+ resource center.” They further are calling for the abolition of Pitt’s Higher Education Assessment and Response Team (HEART), a joint effort of Pitt’s police department and counseling center, because they allege it “facilitates as trauma [sic] particularly for the LGBTQIA+ and intersectionally-identified people.”

“No more cops for mental health crises!” the demand reads. 

On top of the previously mentioned, protestors also want Pitt to provide them with more healthcare options, specifically “medical leave for trans-related health care needs.”

One of the last demands included in the Discord group chat is requiring undergraduate students to take a mandatory gender, sexuality, and women’s studies class. 

In response to the transgender activists’ group chat, Lili Orozco, president of Pitt’s TPUSA, told Campus Reform that her chapter should be the one getting an apology.

“If these are their demands we want an apology from the chancellor too for calling us toxic and harmful,” Orozco said.

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She also argued in favor of equal representation on campus, saying, “We would also like all those resources for conservative students that get bullied so bad for being conservative that they are scared to join clubs.”

“They are scared to speak their minds in classrooms. They are scared to share what they think because all the opposing side does is bully and threaten,” she concluded. 

Campus Reform reached out to every individual and institution mentioned for comment. This article will be updated accordingly. 

The creator of the Discord group chat could not be reached for comment. 

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