EXCLUSIVE: Pro-abortion students accuse pro-life club of ‘endangering’ pregnant women

Pro-abortion students interrupted a Students for Life meeting at the University of Alaska- Fairbanks on Tuesday.

Pro-abortion harassment has been on the rise during the fall semester, Campus Reform reports.

On Tuesday, three pro-abortion students interrupted a Students for Life meeting at the University of Alaska- Fairbanks to accuse the chapter of “endangering others”, a video obtained by Campus Reform shows.

“We just came here as advocates about the harm that comes to people because of what pro-lifers do,” one female protester said in the video.

The girl also explained that while she did not intend to disrupt the meeting, she did not “feel the need” to explain her stance on abortion to the group.

 “There is a point of us being here, and it’s [that] you guys should know how harmful you guys are being,” she continued to tell the pro-life group.

Members of the pro-life group pushed back against her claim by asking how “having a discussion about a club” and having pro-life values is harmful, to which the unidentified student asserted that the club has larger implications.

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“You should know that there are so many people out there that you are endangering,” the girl said. “Our values and opinions affect other people, affect so many people. It starts with your values and your opinions, it does start with that. It starts with a club, it starts as something small.”

Flyers were posted around campus to advertise the meeting, Marie Romoth, who recorded the video, told Campus Reform. The meeting was intended to discuss starting an official pro-life student organization at the Fairbanks campus.

“It’s just upsetting that they decided to disrupt us because we have a different belief system, or we believe differently than them,” Ramoth said.

The two additional students stood behind the girl for the duration of the incident. One remained silent while holding a fist in the air. Other arguments made by the girl included that abortion is necessary because there are ‘multiple’ ways to get pregnant and that babies do not ‘choose’ to be born.

The girl also asked a male student in the chapter if he had a “reproductive system” because “there should be a way for women and for people who are able to give birth, who have the capacity to give birth, to be able to make decisions about themselves.”

This is the first disruption the group has had on campus, but another incident on campus would not be surprising, Ramoth told Campus Reform.

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However, Ramoth’s meeting is only the latest example of harassment against pro-life students. This semester, Campus Reform has reported on numerous incidents in which pro-abortion students attempted to silence, harass, or intimidate their peers.

In September, a pro-abortion student at the College of William and Mary reportedly threw urine on pro-life students during an activism tour titled “Abortion Is Not A Right.”

Later that month, pro-abortion students struck again at the Williamsburg, Virginia campus by vandalizing a pro-life memorial or the unborn.

At American University, the Students for Life chapter allegedly canceled an event due to campus safety concerns.

George Mason University has also become a source of harassment for pro-life students. The chapter was allegedly harassed by a pro-abortion student for hours during a campus recruitment fair, which escalated to the unidentified individual stealing and disposing of chapter recruitment material.

The chapter also became a target of multiple organizations on campus. Allegations of racism resorted to Students for Life of America sending a legal notice to the Fairfax, Virginia campus demanding the university protect its student’s First Amendment rights.

Campus Reform contacted the University of Alaska- Fairbanks for comment and will update accordingly.

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