EXCLUSIVE: Professor calls Americans 'the hands...holding the bloody knife that has wounded the USA' in graphic class assignment

One Wisconsin professor created an assignment example filled with political expletives, curse words, and disturbing graphics.

One of his students said the class material was 'appalling' and the university administration announced it will investigate the matter as the result of 'Campus Reform's' inquiry.

A professor at the University of Wisconsin - Stout included an example filled with expletives, liberal bias and graphic images denigrating former President Trump and the United States with one assignment for his lower-level speech class.

Paul Calenberg teaches COMST 100 Fundamentals of Speech and his syllabus for the class admits that the professor is “BIG into politics. MSNBC is my station.” 

As an assignment for the speech class, students must create a collage that “expresses [their] feelings” and then record a speech explaining their montage. 

Accompanying the assignment, Calenberg included an example collage and speech for students to model theirs after. Campus Reform obtained a copy of the example. 

The most prominent photo in the collage is of Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump with a vote tally on each of their faces showing that Clinton had over two million more votes than the former president in the 2016 presidential election. 

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The collage also includes pictures of Edvard Munch’s painting The Scream, a human brain, two dancing “H” alphabet gifs, a bloody hand holding a bloody knife, and drawn red scribbles over all of the photos. 

The accompanying speech begins with, “What the F*******************K!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!”

The example goes on to ask “where” Trump could have won the election in 2016 by “getting less than 3 million votes than the loser,” “violating all ethical requirements of public speaking,” being “compromised by a foreign government.” 

“Where? The United States of America,” Calenberg’s example answers. 

Explaining the bloody knife picture, the speech claims that “our democracy and all citizens are the hands that are holding the bloody knife that has wounded the USA.”

We must get rid of the stupid, silly and senseless Electoral College,” the speech continues. “My mind is a bomb waiting to explode with anger.” 

“I have lived through two presidential elections when the ‘winner’ did not get the majority of the vote. I can’t help but think what the world would be like if would have had a President Al Gore and President Hillary Clinton,” Calenberg admits.

“Would we still be at war? Would we be repealing LGBTQIA rights?  Would we be putting immigrants into concentration camps?  Would we be ignoring the effects of climate change?,” he asks.

As a concluding thought, the professor stated, “I am speechless when it comes to my frustration, that I just have to revert to those 3 words. What the F***k!”

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Campus Reform spoke to a student in Calenberg’s class who said the bias is “appalling” and requested anonymity. 

“Seeing this inappropriate behavior from a professor is very disappointing to me as a student because I went to college to receive an unbiased education,” the student said.

They continued, “The amount of extreme liberal ideology that myself and other students have been exposed to by professors is appalling.” 

According to Calenberg’s reviews on RateMyProfessors.Com, Calenberg often shares his views during class.

“He uses his platform as a way to drive his political/social views into you,” one reviewer wrote.

“I loved his views, but more conservative people may want to avoid him,” another said.

“My hope is that more students who are subjected to this start speaking out and start holding professors more accountable. America hating professors like this need to go,” Calenberg’s current student told Campus Reform.

Interim provost and Vice Chancellor of academic affairs Glendalí Rodriguez told Campus Reform that the issue will be looked into “further with the academic department” and the dean of students.

Calenberg did not respond to Campus Reform’s request for comment in time for publication.