EXCLUSIVE: Quiz mocks conservative radio hosts critical of COVID-19 vaccine

Campus Reform obtained a photo of a quiz question which mocked conservative radio hosts critical of the COVID-19 vaccine.

The quiz asked students to identify the correct variation of the sentence, 'He was the second right-wing radio host who mocked vaccines before dying of COVID-19.'

Earlier this month, Texas State University (TXST) journalism professor Terry Scott Bertling assigned an AP-style quiz that ridiculed a deceased conservative radio host.

The specific question, obtained by Campus Reform, was multiple-choice and presented the student with two variations of the same sentence: “He was the second right-wing radio host who mocked vaccines before dying of COVID-19” and “He was the second right wing radio host who mocked vaccines before dying of COVID-19.” 

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The quiz was part of the Editing and Managing Content course in the Mass Communication department. 

Students will incorporate words, images, sound and data into storytelling across platforms,” the course description reads. “This course tightens the focus on audience, accuracy, meaning, logic, organization, style and form.” 

Jayme Blaschke, who works in the Office of Media Relations, told Campus Reform that the ”example sentences included in the assignment were all taken from published news articles.” 

Campus Reform contacted Bertling to ask which radio host the question was in reference to. She has yet to respond. 

Bertling has tweeted extensively about COVID-19 and vaccinations.

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On Jan. 23, Professor Bertling retweeted a tweet by Kim Mangone that read, “Good Morning America, Retweet & raise your hand if you trust Dr. Fauci.”

She also re-tweeted COVID-19 death tolls broken down by vaccination status.

Another January retweet touted President Joe Biden’s rollout of the COVID-19 vaccine during his first year:

Campus Reform contacted every university, individual, and organization mentioned. This article will be updated accordingly.