EXCLUSIVE: Socialist students refuse to endorse Joe Biden

As the 2020 election approaches, Vice President Joe Biden has been named the presumptive nominee.

College voters have recently taken to Twitter to disavow Biden, adamantly refusing to endorse him.

With Sen. Bernie Sanders’ announcement to suspend his 2020 presidential bid, former Vice President Joe Biden is now the presumptive Democratic presidential nominee who will take on President Donald Trump in the fall. However, young Sanders supporters are publicly announcing that they will not endorse Biden for president, despite Sanders’ and President Barack Obama’s endorsements of Biden. 

The U.S. Youth Climate Strike, a far-left climate activist organization, took to Twitter following Sanders’ campaign suspension announcement, stating, “We are not endorsing @JoeBiden.” The statement sparked a reaction among like-minded organizations, with the Democratic Socialists of America, Young Democratic Socialists of America, and Students for Bernie following suit. 

YDSA retweeted U.S. Youth Climate Strike’s statement saying, “Same.” 

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Just two days later,  DSA duplicated the climate organization’s tweet. This prompted former head of the Democratic Coalition Jon Cooper to jab at the organization, calling them “irrelevant” [sic] and saying Biden is better off without their endorsement. 

This public disapproval of Biden quickly spread to college campuses. YDSA, DSA, and Students for Bernie clubs on campuses around the nation took to Twitter and released the statement “We are not endorsing Joe Biden,” showing a sharp divide within the Democratic party. 

Chapters at Harvard, Yale, Stanford, UC Berkeley, and dozens more fervent supporters of Sanders’ socialist movement have proudly expressed their disapproval of Biden’s potential presidency. 

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Campus Reform interviewed Mikey Hayes and Michael Dunphy, two students at the University of Maryland and board members of “Terps for Bernie 2020,” to get insight into what leftist students’ reasons are for disavowing Biden so vehemently. 


Dunphy told Campus Reform that Sanders’ support is large in part due to his stance on climate change and his desire to take “drastic” steps.

“Bernie took much more seriously the 10 to 12 year period that we have to prevent catastrophic damage and irreversible damage to our environment… Combating climate change is not going to take incremental policy, because we should have been doing incremental policy 40 years ago to combat climate change.”

“Bernie Sanders was much more fundamental and was a lot more ambitious [with climate action].”

Hayes agreed with Dunphy and said Biden is too aligned with the Democratic party. 

“Biden is very much representative of the Democratic party and he seems to be very proud of that fact, when in reality, the Democratic party isn’t seen as a great organization by most young people,” said Hayes. 

“A lot of college students feel betrayed by the DP’s decision to appease the right with a very centrist candidate, and especially one who feels it’s not necessary to even consider the youth vote.”

“People want to be seen, and Joe always says ‘I see you,’ but it’s disappointing for him to choose centrist and even right-leaning ideas over the ideas that are existent within his own party,” he added.

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Hayes also says that even though they are not endorsing Biden, they may have no choice but to vote for him anyway, saying that Trump is the “most harmful” president in history.

“Not endorsing Biden doesn’t mean we’re not voting for him. Not endorsing Biden doesn’t mean we don’t agree that Trump is the most dangerous president to ever be president of the United States... All it means in our decision to not endorse is that Biden does not deserve recognition from a progressive socialist organization for anything, because he’s not an ally in that struggle.”

Dunphy said the differences between Sanders and Biden are evident, expressing his preference for Sanders.

“Bernie’s been very very consistent. He’s been a leader in what he stands for and what he’s advocating for, where Biden has been more on the back end where every time something popular happens, then he supports it.”

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