EXCLUSIVE: 'Under the surface' of Critical Race Theory is 'old Marxist language,' expert warns

In an exclusive interview with Campus Reform, Critical Race Theory expert Christopher Rufo broke down his reporting of such teachings in public K-12 schools, which he says "trickled down" from universities.

Rufo said that "under the surface" of Critical Race Theory is "old Marxist language."

Campus Reform talked to Discovery Institute Director Christopher Rufo about his efforts to fight critical race theory in colleges and -K-12 schools. 

Providing examples of specific teachings, Rufo said that “under the surface” of Critical Race Theory is that “old Marxist language.” 

“Critical race theory derives from critical theory, which is kind of a movement of rethinking society that started in the 1960s and 70s,” Rufo said, “Critical race theory specifically says that in order to understand life in the United States, you have to look at it through a racial lens. You have to put race at the center of the story [and] deconstruct institutions and texts and law in order to reveal the dynamics of racial power and in some cases, actually, in all cases for critical race theorists, racial oppression.”

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He aims to show why critical race theory is “wrong in moral terms and also why it’s likely a violation of the Civil Rights Act.” 

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