EXCLUSIVE: University of Arkansas pays communist speaker over $200 per minute. Take a look at the total bill.

Angela Davis was paid $20,000 to speak at an event at the University of Arkansas.

According to the speaking contract obtained by Campus Reform, Davis spoke for 90 minutes.

That averages out to about $220 per minute.

Angela Davis, a self-proclaimed communist, was paid $20,000 by the University of Arkansas to speak for 90 minutes, 20-30 minutes of which she was to take questions. 

Under the Freedom of Information Act, Campus Reform obtained an agreement between the university and Davis, showing that $20,000 was paid to Davis for the event on February 16.

The $20,000 for Davis came directly from student tuition through the student activities fee, according to an email from Rebecca Morrison, the public information officer at the University of Arkansas.

Davis was hosted by the Distinguished Lectures Committee. The committee is led by students and aims to bring “dynamic and pertinent speakers to bring to the University of Arkansas campus.”

Angela Davis University of Arkansas Contract by Campus Reform on Scribd

“DLC decided to bring Dr. Davis through the exact same process that we have brought all of our speakers,” Michael Fuhrman, the student vice-chair of the Distinguished Lectures Committee told Campus Reform. “Dr. Davis’s name was one of the top names voted on by the committee and so we moved forward by signing a contract.”

Some students at the university were not happy that their student fees going directly into the pockets of a lecturer who has been accused of aiding the Soledad Brothers in kidnapping and murdering four people.

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