EXCLUSIVE: University takes pro-transgender stance in response to Jeff Younger event

The University of Texas at Arlington released numerous pro-transgender statements in response to Jeff Younger’s presence on campus.

One of the statements, obtained by Campus Reform, called Younger 'a transphobic speaker.'

Multiple University of Texas at Arlington offices and schools released pro-transgender statements prior to Jeff Younger’s speech Nov. 10 hosted by the Turning Point USA chapter.

Younger is best known for his public custody battle after his wife reportedly forced one of their twin sons to live as a girl. Younger now speaks about his experience and opposition to child transitioning. 

The speech was titled “Fighting to Protect Kids.”

UTA’s Office for Cultural Engagement and Social Change and UTA’s LGBTQ+ Program released a conjoined statement that referred to Younger as “a transphobic speaker.”

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“The LGBTQ+ Program and The Office for Cultural Engagement and Social Change stands in solidarity with our queer and trans community,” the statement reads.

The statement continues to list groups on campus that will be harmed by Younger’s presence, including, but not limited to, “trans people, queer people, people of color, womxn, disabled people, DACA/Undocumented people, non-Christian people, and international students.”

UTA TPUSA vice president Carlos Eduardo Turcios told Campus Reform that the statement portrayed “identity politics.”

“I’m not surprised they added other groups in the list since it’s all done in the name of equity. Identity politics leads to collectivism and group think.”

UTA’s School of Social Work released a separate statement that accused Younger of spreading misinformation about gender reassignment surgeries. 

Younger’s repeated attempts to spread misinformation concerning what he perceives to be the ‘dangers’ of gender affirming care without regard to the substantial benefits it can provide for vulnerable transgender youth, which are clearly stated in the empirical literature, continues to politicize the discourse around gender affirming care and healthcare in general,” the statement reads. 

On top of the released statements, Campus Reform also obtained a photo that shows numerous transgender flags spread around campus. 

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In response to the accusations made by UTA, Younger told Campus Reform that the university’s statements “demonstrate the intellectual inferiority of the academic establishment.”

“Transphobia means an irrational fear of transgenderism. It’s clear that I have no such irrational fear but rather reasoned critique of transgender ideology, particularly when it masquerades as science,” Younger said. 

Younger then called out UTA for mischaracterizing his event.

“I’m unsurprised by the mischaracterizations from UT Arlington,” he said. “That’s what apologists for child abuses must do, to make their case.”

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Turcios said he “was not shocked” to see his university take a pro-transgender stance regarding Younger’s event.

“Most universities these days will support social justice activism and try to discredit any conservative club that shows an alternative perspective on the issue of transgenderism,” Turcios told Campus Reform. “UTA shouldn’t be fear-mongering but rather be neutral on any political subject since the institution is tax-payer funded.”

Campus Reform reached out to each party mentioned and this article will be updated accordingly.

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